The Story of Lost Elf

For BLANCORE 2020 Autumn/Winter collection, the theme of the collection is “Lost Elf.” We want to gain public awareness of the sustainable issue, which is getting more and more urgent nowadays.

People might be confused about the connection between “Lost Elf” and sustainability. However, people start to think about the definition of sustainable once they started to curious about the question, which is what we trying to do.

Blancore Lost Elf Collection AW2020

Movies show the life through the camera, BLANCORE wants to show the idea of “appreciation” through our 2020 Autumn/Winter collection. We want people to not only enjoy the fashion and trend but something more meaningful through our collection.

Lost Elf 2020 Blancore Campaign


The birth of “Lost Elf”:


Do you remember where are those toys you played in your childhood memory?

Do you remember where are those clothes and shoes you wore when you traveling the world?

Those things encountered in your life,

Those things faded out from your memory,

BLANCORE creates a world that transforming those things into “Lost Elf.”

“Lost Elf” represents the beautiful things that ever happened in our life.

Lost Elf Blancore 2020 AW campaignLost Elf Blancore 2020 FW Campaign

Based on the core value of BLANCORE, we try to share the message of sustainability in a romantic and symbolic way; in order to create a different layer of value to fashion.

We create an abstractive image of “Lost Elf” to reflect on the waste created by humans. We should all be aware of these environmental issues like air pollution, deforestation, and glacier melting. We want to share this important and sad message in a romantic way; as a result, we create the idea of “Lost Elf.” We created this fairy and dreamy image of “Lost Elf” based on the polluted earth, forgotten wasteland, and emptiness. The reason and meaning of this are like The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire. Standing at the conflict side of glamorous, we shouldn’t forget that ugliness.

Blancore Lost Elf 2020 FALL Winter


 "Everything that ever interweaved with you, everything that was lost in your memories, how are they?
When I was young, whenever I thought about the things that I lost, I always fantasized: Maybe there is a group of elves in the world. Their role is to guard those things that have disappeared in our lives.
I call them: LOST ELF
Lost elf represents all the glory that we have lost. "